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Wauquiez Pilot Saloon 42

€ 530,000,-

This beautiful yacht offers the best of both worlds: stylish design and excellent sailing characteristics. At 42 feet, it has plenty of room for family and friends and offers comfortable accommodations in two spacious cabins. The convertible salon and sail storage give you flexibility and extra space to enjoy your time aboard.

Designed by Berret Racoupeau, this Wauquiez was built for comfort at sea. The design is thoughtful and provides a smooth sailing experience even in demanding conditions.

This 2021 Wauquiez Pilot Saloon 42 is in excellent condition and ready for new adventures.


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Pilot Saloon 42
€ 530,000 VAT paid
12.99 M | 4.34 M
2,15 M

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